Now Open: Detroit’s Gold Cash Gold

Gold Cash Gold, Detroit’s latest venture into the cocktail/foodie scene, opened to the public last Saturday just in time for Noel Night. Housed in a former pawn shop of the same name, Gold Cash Gold is just a few doors down from established Michigan Avenue favorites such as Slows Bar B Q and The Sugar House. The stained glass panes in the entryway carry throughout the bar and main dining room; just don’t forget to look up as the detailed wood patterns make it one of my new favorite ceilings of Detroit.

The host and hostess greeted us with smiles and were more than happy to direct us to the bar while we waited a few minutes for a table to open up.

Sidewinder Watch

Sidewinder Watch

Boom Box from Gold Cash Gold

Boom Box

I started with the Boom Box, featuring bourbon, ginger-fennel syrup, orange bitters and Vernors (Detroit’s ginger ale of choice since 1866). Garnished with a fresh sprig of fennel, the Boom Box is a nice take on a bourbon buck. The house-made syrup balanced the sweetness of Vernor’s.

Dad’s Trophy is a reimagined smoky Manhattan, featuring rye and Zucca, an Italian apertif similar to vermouth. The kicker in this drink is the Laphroaig rinse- one of the peatiest islay single malt scotch whiskys. For the non-scotch drinkers, Laphroaig can be described as smelling like a crocodile smoking a cigar, a burning hospital or a band-aid.  NB: Laphroaig’s #opinionswelcome campaign fully embraces that they are an acquired taste. I’m not a scotch person myself, but since the amount is so minimal, it merely provides a scent of smokiness but the flavor of the drink is untouched.

The Sidewinder Watch was beautifully presented in a coupe garnished with a star anise. With black rum, autumn shrub, sourwood honey and lime it felt almost like a rum sour with a spicy finish. It wasn’t too overpowering so even if you’re not a fan of lime, I’d recommend giving this a try since the shrub and honey help sweeten the edges.

After we migrated from the bar to our table, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Since this blog focuses on libations, I’ll let the foodies give the low-down on the farmhouse fair; however, I must pass along this pro-tip: Get the farmer’s bread and the fried chicken. Save some marmalade butter for the cornbread- you won’t be sorry!

Gold Cash Gold
2100 Michigan Avenue, Detroit